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kurt_layout's Journal

Kurt Halsey Layout Community
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This is a place for people with no or little HTML and CSS skills to ask for help with a Kurt Halsey layout.
If you are interested in helping out, or if you need help, just join and watch the community, I hope we can create a nice and friendly corner where people help each other.

Remember gmailswap.com? People would offer little things for a gmail invite, such as a postcard, a custom picture, etc. While this community has nothing to do with those invites (you can obtain them at gmail_invite), I like the concept. If you are good with Photoshop, why not offer the person who helps you with a layout a custom friends-only banner? Why not send them a postcard? Be creative :)

Most importantly, this community is only for layout help. If you want to discuss Kurt Halsey's art, please do so at kurt_halsey, the main community.

You may also be interested in joining khf_icons, a community for Kurt Halsey icons.

NOTE: The volume of requests is every-increasing. I cannot guarantee that your layout will be done. This is where you are asked to offer nifty, creative things ;)

Thank you

1. Be nice
2. Don't spam
3. Don't offer money! Kurt Halsey Merchandize is okay, but no money!
4. NO off topic posts. No general layout help. Requests only.
5. Please upload any images you want to appear to your own webspace. For example, photobucket.com accounts are free. Remote-Loading ("Hotlinking") from other peoples' accounts is never nice, no matter the circumstances.

If you have any questions, problems, or would like to report something, please contact denial_land


I have added a "premade layout" category to the memory section

Note that override use is somewhat limited! You will not have all options in the form below with a free account!

If you want to request a layout, copy and fill out the following form and post it in a new entry! Be nice and use the lj-cut tag!!

More details and rules to be added when neccessary